Box of 120 male fertility boosting caps to help couples conceive.


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Dietary food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of limited fertility of men who want a baby optimizing male fertility.

It contains a combination of vitamins and other vital substances like zinc and selenium, that promote healthy sperm development and –featuring sustained vitamin C release-it protects sperms 24/7 from detrimental oxidative stress.

VITAMINE D- alpha-tocopheryl acetate, being an oxidant it protects the membrane against oxidative stress.

ZINC is important component of sperms: If the body lacks zinc, sperm production decreases considerably.

In addition to this the motility of sperm diminishes as well. Studies have shown that taking zinc supplements can improve sperm quality

SELENIUM is highly effective antioxidant, which save guards sperms’

L-CARNITINE in several studies L-carnitine ameliorated sperm motility substantially.

GLUTATHIONE is the prevailing antioxidant in the human body.

COENZYME Q10, The body needs coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) predominantly for energy production. However, it has powerful antioxidant properties, too, and can reduce the production of reactive oxygen species in seminal plasma markedly. Giving coenzyme Q10 to infertile men has been shown to result in a significant increase of pregnancy rates.