Warehousing and Distribution

Prodigy Healthcare is a premier importer, exporter, and distributor of top-tier healthcare supplies. As the first W.H.O. Good Distribution Practices certified company in Kenya, we guarantee the quality and integrity of our products from the manufacturer straight to our clients.


1. Import: From factory to Kenya, we handle the entire process seamlessly.

2. GDP-Certified Warehousing: Our warehouses maintain strict temperature and humidity controls, ensuring optimal storage conditions for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

3. Distribution: Local logistics within Kenya, with the ability to export to any African country, ensuring proper documentation and packaging.

4. Invoicing & AR: Flexible invoicing options tailored to your needs, including invoicing under your company name or through Prodigy Healthcare.

5. Medical Device Management: Import, storage, and distribution of all classes of medical devices in Kenya.

6. GDP Warehouse Setup: Turnkey project management for setting up and managing GDP-compliant warehouses in Kenya.

7. Specialty Medicine Import: Sourcing and supplying specialty medicines under special access programs, with a focus on cost advantages and supply stability.

8. Bonded Warehouse: Import and re-export of medicines and orphan drugs for regional countries, even for products not registered in Kenya.

At Prodigy Healthcare, we're dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of healthcare supply chain management.